International Conference on
Global Challenges in Nanomaterials Research for
Environmental and Healthcare Applications

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Theme: Nanochemistry, Nanobiotechnology, Nanomaterials in Medicine





Nanotechnology has gained much interest due to its wide-ranging application areas through large-scale multidisciplinary efforts impacting on science, industry, technology and medicine. Pioneering work from dedicated researchers in the fields of chemistry, materials science, biology, mathematics, physics, engineering and medicine are applying their knowledge to address unmet scientific and clinical needs. Environmental pollution problems often impact on human health and the consequences are no more local but have global significance. Large-scale multidisciplinary efforts in nanotechnology can address such global challenges and lessen the impact on human wellbeing and changing natural environments.

Scope & Importance

IN view of such challenges, this conference would like to invite multidisciplinary scientists, industrialists, engineers and clinicians working in the field of nanotechnology, to share their research motivation, knowledge and expertise to address environmental and/or healthcare related issues towards scientific and clinical needs. This meeting will highlight a variety of approaches through interactive themes in nanochemistry, nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine to address unmet needs. This will bring together a diverse community of researchers to bring together a strategic network to formulate new ideas with improved environmental strategies for technology development and the provision of better healthcare.

Scientific Programs

Keynote speakers, invited lectures, oral and poster e-presentations. English will be official language.


Awards will be presented for Best Poster, and Best Presentation by women researchers in science.

Conference Publications

Selected papers will be published in Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier.

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