International Conference on
Global Challenges in Nanomaterials Research for
Environmental and Healthcare Applications

Keynote Speakers

Prof V Suresh

Dr Suresh Valiyaveettil (Keynote 1)

Professor, NUS, Singapore

Health impact of hard and soft nanomaterials

Mr Sanjeev K Varshney

Mr Sanjeev K Varshney (Keynote 2)

Advisor and Head, DST
India UK S & T Cooperation

Dr. Apurba K. Das

Dr. Apurba K. Das (Keynote 3)

Associate Professor, IIT, Indore
Engineering of Self-assembled Biomimetic Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications

Dr Brian G Cousins

Dr Brian G Cousins (Keynote 4)

Next Generation Biomaterials Inspired by Nanotechnology

Dr PaulrajRajamani

Dr PaulrajRajamani (Keynote 5)

Professor, JNU, New Delhi
Toxicological assessment of engineered nanoparticles in in vitro and in vivo systems

Prof Ruma Pal

Prof Ruma Pal (Keynote 6)

Professor, Calcutta University, West Bengal
PHYCO-NANOTECHNOLOGY: a new horizon in nano-world

Dr Rati Ranjan Nayak

Dr Rati Ranjan Nayak (Keynote 7)

Senior Scientist, CSIR-IICT
Biobased Glycolipid: A self-assembled Nanomaterial and
its Application in Pollutant Removal and Cargo Delivery

Dr Togapur Pavan Kumar

Dr Togapur Pavan Kumar (Keynote 8)

Senior Scientist, CSIR-IMMT
IP aspects of nanomaterial research

Dr Mohd Hasbi

Dr Mohd Hasbi (Keynote 9)

Faculty, University of Malaysia
Tuneable Material Design for Contaminant Removal: Synthesis and Application

Dr Umakanta Subudhi

Dr Umakanta Subudhi (Keynote 10)

Senior Scientist, CSIR-IMMT
Nucleic acid-based Nanomaterials as Nanotherapeutics



  •   Web-based conference on August 27-28, 2020