International Conference on
Global Challenges in Nanomaterials Research for
Environmental and Healthcare Applications

Conference Themes


Green synthesis of nanomaterials, nanoporous materials for water filtration/ pollutant removal, nanoformulations for agriculture, water management, energy conservation, environment and forensic science.


Biological sensors, recognition, optical, electrochemical, enzyme-based sensors, imaging, multiplexing, biocatalysis, bioremediation and environmental monitoring. Biological synthesis of nanomaterials using bacteria, fungi, algae and plant materials.

Nanomaterials in Medicine

Biomaterials, nanocomposites, sensors and actuators, medical devices, biocompatibility and toxicology, advanced imaging, diagnostic, therapeutic and theranostic applications.


Scientific Programs

The scientific programme will include keynote speakers, invited lectures, oral and poster e-presentations. English will be official language.


Awards will be presented for the Best Poster, and Best Presentation by women researchers in science.

Conference Journal & Publications

Selected papers will be published in Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier.



  •   Web-based conference on August 27-28, 2020